CoFiDaCoM (Commercial Fisheries Data Collation and Management) (FS014)


The objective of the feasibility study is to test a concept that aims to bring together existing technology providers and users in close and ongoing cooperation, to enable stakeholders to integrate efficient use of data in their working culture. CoFiDaCoM aims to integrate users in the supply chain from capture through to the wholesaler.

Funding Amount:


Duration of Project:

3 Months

Project Outcome:

The CoFiDaCom project assessed the feasibility of developing a technology platform for the commercial fishing sector. Its aims were to understand the datasets and their sources currently available to fishers, and to propose how these might be collated with other datasets that are not currently used overtly by fishing businesses. The proposed system would help the industry become more efficient, reduce time at sea, enhance safety, and limit environmental impact. At the individual level this system would support the fisher in making decisions that promote a better use of fishing time, fuel, and other elements of the fishing effort. It will also enable a better record of captures and prices, and the ability to demonstrate catch origin and compliance.  

The study has confirmed the need for improved data collection and management in the commercial fishing sector. A data requirements matrix has been produced that categorises datasets into four broad groupings:

  1. Catch, vessel and location 
  2. Environmental and biological 
  3. Human activity
  4. Efficiency and productivity

The consulted industry representatives placed greatest emphasis on data groupings 1 and 4 as it is these which have the most direct influence on business profitability. Sharing data between organisations remains a challenging area with the majority of businesses unwilling to share data, especially where this potentially exposes them to commercial and/or personal risk.

The project has been successful and we now look forward to developing a working demonstrator in a follow-on project, to produce a management tool for use by skippers and managers of fleet-scale fishing businesses.

STATUS: Completed

Project Lead

NLA International Ltd.