Continuous flow acoustic sea-lice treatment – CFAST (RD183)


This project will demonstrate a novel modular sea lice treatment system which, compared to other methods, will reduce costs and environmental impact, and improve fish welfare and the efficiency of aquaculture operations.

Funding Amount:


Duration of Project:

18 months

Project Summary:

The Continuous Flow Acoustic Sealice Treatment (CFAST) is an innovative new modular sea lice treatment system in development by Pulcea, which combines their existing patented technologies with a new welfare friendly delivery system.

Pulcea, experts in sustainable and fish-friendly sea lice treatments, have successfully demonstrated the increased efficacy of hydrogen peroxide treatments when used in conjunction with acoustic energy in tarpaulins.

In the CFAST system, hydrogen peroxide is administered in conjunction with acoustic energy and a catalytic enzyme within a gentle-action continuous flow pump as an additional tool for salmon farmers, one which reduces the chemical use and renders it inactive before filtration and discharge.

The benefits include reduced cost of treatment, reduced environmental impact, and increased efficacy. Key to improved fish welfare is reduced stress, mechanical handling and loss of growth.

The system is modular for easy deployment on a raft, service vessel or deck of a wellboat, and is particularly suited to sites or areas where tarpaulin or bath treatments are not possible.

The innovation will offer a high-tech, low-cost option which will help to unlock sustainable growth of the sector and it supports the move towards the shorter marine production cycle being introduced by leading international salmon farmers.

STATUS: Ongoing

Project Lead

Pulcea Ltd