Humane slaughter for wild fish through electric in-water stunning followed by innovative automated waterjet bleeder (RD004)


By combining Ace Aquatec's innovative in-water electric stunner, which has zero handling of fish from net to boat, with a completely original prototype bleeding system using robotic arm and waterjets as the cutting device, Ace Aquatec hopes to revolutionise the way farms and fishing vessels stun and kill their fish.

Funding Amount:


Duration of Project:

12 Months

Project Outcome:

Ace Aquatec has been able to build the first high power waterjet bleeding system for salmon and other finfish, using AI directed structured light cameras to identify the aorta, and a diamond head nozzle to direct high power waterjets to ensure contactless cutting. This development addresses one of the biggest issues currently seen in slaughter factories – namely a variability in efficacy of stunning and bleeding due to variability in head size of the fish. With this system fish up to 15 kg can be identified and the precise location of the aorta determined to create a cut that is the right depth and location to ensure the fish is properly killed while it is unconscious.

This development has been made possible by the UK Seafood Innovation Fund award and has been completed on tight timelines with the assistance of Scottish Sea Farms. We are very pleased to announce a successful project outcome with the system now fully tested and commercially available to prospective customers. This system will start to appear alongside our electric stunners, on vessels, in processing factories and in RAS farms over the coming year and we are excited to introduce this technology to the market.

STATUS: Completed

Project Lead

Ace Aquatec