Innovative Value-Added Cornish Seafood Products (FS103)


This project aims to use two abundant, sustainable and currently underutilised Cornish species- megrim sole and spider crab - to develop new value-added seafood products.

Funding Amount:


Duration of Project:

3 months

Project Summary:

Seafood Cornwall, rooted in the Cornish Fish Producers’ Organisation (CFPO) and working alongside two processing businesses, has identified two sustainable, underutilised local species that are ripe for development into innovative value-added products for retail. The species in question are megrim sole and spider crab. This feasibility study is designed to map sustainability of extraction and supply for the species, explore the environmental footprint of the proposed products, examine economic parameters for successful product development/placement, and incorporate stakeholder and marketing insights to identify the optimum end product and market. Both these species are seasonally abundant and environmentally sustainable, yet fail to attract a viable first-sale price-point and are almost entirely sent to export markets. This represents a missed opportunity to increase diversity and resilience in the mixed fisheries in the South-West. Our consortium, bringing together the catch sector and two prominent processing businesses, has come together to address this long-standing challenge through a feasibility study that gathers data and uses social science processes to inform innovative processing and product development. What we learn from the study will have wider applicability to the on-going effort to increase domestic consumption of UK-caught seafood, and broaden consumer seafood palates.

STATUS: Ongoing

Project Lead

Cornish Fish Producer’s Organisation (CFPO)