Loss stress pumping and sea lice filtration (RD098)


This project aims to test a new pumping mechanism to transport fish from cage to cage as they undergo sea lice treatment. The new pumping concept will be less stressful for fish, and will be affordable to produce.

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In treatments for sea lice, prior to harvesting, and during vaccinations, fish are transported from cage to cage, or cage to vessel using pumps. Studies (Ulf Erikson et al. 2016) have shown increased levels of cortisol which is an indicator of stress during such events. Fish farmers have carefully nurtured their fish from eggs to harvest weight, but that excellent work can be undone in minutes if the processes and mechanisms for pumping them are poor. This proposal is for a radically new pumping concept utilising the coanda and venturi effects to transport fish gently from farm pens onto vessels or harvest stations. This method will not bring fish into contact with the pumping mechanism, but will rather use nature’s physics to lift fish using a manipulation of water through specially designed piping and external water pumps. This concept will integrate lice and egg removal and filtration, allowing it to be utilised as a lice removal tool, for net cleaning detritus extraction, sludge removal, as well as a sound method to transport fish. This pumping mechanism will be cheap to produce, allowing a cost effective alternative for fish farmers worldwide. It will also allow full integration with Ace Aquatec’s already developed award winning stunning and bleeding systems, creating a fully containerised fish slaughter solution which can be supplied globally for all commercial fish.

STATUS: Ongoing

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Ace Aquatec Ltd