Multibeam sonar for measuring fish health and biomass, controlling feeding regimes and triggering predator deterrents (RD005)


We have developed a prototype multibeam transducer that was cheaper than alternatives on the market and which was sensitive enough to capture the approach of seals and trigger unique deterrents. Advancements in transducer capabilities means the logic of this multi-beam sonar device can now be adapted in this project, to provide a complete solution to monitor fish densities and behaviour, as well as trigger predation events inside the cage while informing fish husbandry regimes.

Funding Amount:


Duration of Project:

12 Months

Close up fish scales

Project Outcome:

Ace Aquatec was funded to develop advanced fish and predator monitoring systems, which incorporated the latest AI image detection, in order to drive intelligent fish farming.

We are very excited to bring to the market AI triggers for monitoring wildlife around farms, which are capable to identifying a range of wildlife, and triggering deterrents if predators are detected. Underwater the same software development has been implemented in novel 360 degree camera systems and LED lighting to create a truly intelligent view of what goes on under the surface on a fish farm. These novel technologies will accurately measure fish weights, count lice, detect disease, automate and respond to lighting conditions, and provide data on water quality.

All of these component parts now share their insights with the Ace Intelligent portal, which can advise and track efficiencies, alert the farmer to risk and provide insights in a holistic way.

STATUS: Completed

Project Lead

Ace Aquatec Ltd.