Omega-3 rich microalgae salmon feed trials (RD106)


By trialling a new omega-3 rich microalgae, produced using industrial by-products and waste streams to feed farmed salmon, this project aims to develop an economically viable, also environmentally beneficial product, while treating wastewater simultaneously.

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The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has estimated that 33% of wild fisheries are overfished and 60% are fished to their maximum capacity. With approximately one-third of wild-caught fish used for animal feed, our society needs new sustainable bio-based feedstocks, additives, and materials. MiAlgae is an early-stage biotechnology company that produces omega-3 rich microalgae through a circular economy, utilising co-products from the food and drink industry. MiAlgae has created a pilot plant and developed an innovative process that utilises industrial by-products and waste streams to grow high quantities of omega-3 rich microalgae. MiAlgae utilises circular economy to drive down operating costs associated with microalgae production and produces an economically viable and environmentally beneficial product while treating wastewater simultaneously. In addition to the depletion of wild fish stocks, within the past 5 years, omega-3 levels in farmed salmon have decreased by 50%. MiAlgae aims to increase these levels through the supplementation of their omega-3 rich microalgae into aquaculture fish feed.

This SIF funded project has helped MiAlgae to demonstrate that its Omega-3 algal product can be successfully formulated as a feed for oysters and for fish. Preliminary trials in oysters have shown that the company’s algal product increased the condition of oysters without taking away from their excellent taste. Initial fish feed trials yielded promising results suggesting that MiAlgae’s sustainable product could be used as a potential replacement for traditionally derived Omega-3 ingredients. The project results have enabled the company to leverage additional funds to carry out a broader and
more comprehensive study in salmon..  

STATUS: Completed

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MiAlgae Ltd