Powering aquaculture with wave energy (FS115)


This project aims to capture wave and power load data from live aquaculture sites to assess the economic viability and practicalities of using MANTA to power the loads on the farms.

Funding Amount:


Duration of Project:

5 Months

Project Outcome:

Aqua Power Technologies (APT) conducted a 5-month project to ascertain the efficacy of MANTA, APT’s wave energy converter, powering salmon farms on the west coast of Scotland. Under the project, wave data was captured and used to provide inputs for scaled tank tests and simulation models, to estimate power yields.

The project enabled the iterative developments of MANTA to be validated and provided the opportunity to investigate the economic case study behind deploying MANTA machines. The impact of diesel displacement and carbon reductions was also investigated and mapped against a variety of near shore and offshore salmon farms.

The success of the project at the feasibility stage has led to further investment by APT into the development of MANTA, and the partnerships with salmon farms, to potentially trial the newly improved technology in the coming year.

STATUS: Completed

Project Lead

Aqua Power Technologies Limited