The SUSFEED 2 project aimed to optimise the process of generating sustainable fish feed through mixing microbial fermentation from inexpensive mixed and/or waste gas streams. The project also looked to assess the economic viability and carbon credentials of the process.

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Through the Susfeed project, we have developed a novel single cell protein (SCP) fish feed product. This product is produced through the fermentation of a mixed microbial culture that utilises mixed industrial gases as carbon and energy sources. Its production process has a high product yield on feedstock, effectively fixing the CO2 by-product that is otherwise produced through other SCP fermentation processes on natural gas. Growth media and fermentation optimisation of the Susfeed process has resulted in the development of a continuous fermentation process that has been operated at 10L scale in an industrially relevant environment. Analysis of the SCP product showed nutritional value comparable to existing fish feed products such as fishmeal. The results of a rainbow trout fish feed trial showed good digestibility of the SCP product compared to control fish feed formulations. Techno-Economic Analysis (TEA) and Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) of the Susfeed process were performed and demonstrated the potential of this innovative and carbon efficient technology to disrupt the traditional fish feed manufacture industry whilst improving the sustainability of the aquaculture industry in the UK and beyond.

STATUS: Completed

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CPI Innovation Services Ltd