Sustainable Fishing Efficiency (FS097)


This project will trial electric outboards and other new technology on inshore fishing vessels, to assess the feasibility of moving to electric powered vessels for small scale fisheries.

Funding Amount:


Duration of Project:

3 months

Project Outcome:

This project assessed the feasibility of moving to electric power for small scale fisheries, testing how possible it is to reach fishing grounds and work those grounds with a small solar powered electric outboard, with a spare battery.

Additional to this, the gear placed in the sea was of an entirely sustainable nature through willow lobster pots and eco fishing gear, to ascertain and quantify the potential intrinsic value of sustainably caught fish with this dual system of eco fuel and eco gear.

The project found that there is a high level of interest from consumers for more sustainably caught species, which they are prepared to pay a higher price for. This may help to relieve pressure on fish stocks as a higher product premium reduces the amount number of fish that need to be caught and sold in order to reach the same income.

STATUS: Completed

Project Lead

Two Brothers Fishing Limited