Ultra low cost humane slaughter for fish (FS111)


This project aims to develop ethical batch stunning equipment, which will focus on quality and low cost to make humane slaughter available to producers growing less than 50 tonnes per year, suitable for any fish or crustacean species.

Funding Amount:


Duration of Project:

5 Months

Project Outcome:

Ace Aquatec was funded in a feasibility study to design and develop a small scale ultra-low-cost humane stunning solution, which incorporated the already established Ace Aquatec A-HSUTM IP. This technology is the most humane on the market with a 100% immediate stun rate, and a smaller unit gives the opportunity for smaller facilities to carry out more humane slaughter practices.

The Batch A-HSUTM is the most ethical small-scale system compared to current market options and will be a breakthrough in smaller-scale ethical practice. Its lower cost in comparison to the A-HSU make it a great starting option for more ethical practice.

STATUS: Completed

Project Lead

Ace Aquatec Ltd