Unlocking the value of data in aquaculture (FS037)


This project will unlock the true potential of the satellite connected fish farm by creating the tools necessary to turn large quantities of raw data into valuable and actionable information. The R3 IoT platform will provide the means to securely store, view, process, interpret and export the data collected from all connected fish farms, no matter their location.

Funding Amount:


Duration of Project:

3 Months

Project Outcome:

This project has been awarded funding to continue into the R&D phase as RD050.

The feasibility study undertaken by R3 IoT as part of the project entitled ‘Unlocking the value of data in aquaculture’ looked to validate the commercial and technical feasibility of a proposed platform development. The digitisation of fish farms is generating vast amounts of environmental and operational data for farmers and others. The proposed platform will turn these large amounts of farm data into valuable insights through a wide range of processing and visualisation techniques. The result will provide stakeholders across the aquaculture industry the tools and insight to tackle issues from environmental disasters to operational challenges. 

This feasibility study carried out extensive research into the precise needs of stakeholders across the value chain ensuring that, once developed, the future platform will be optimised to solve the biggest challenges faced by the industry. Through direct engagement with key stakeholders, the feasibility study confirmed the value that the platform is anticipated to bring the industry and shed light on the functionality and performance that is expected by different stakeholders. Finally, the study uncovered existing cutting-edge technologies to be used in developing the platform and ascertained that the development is achievable by R3 IoT within the scope of the next phase SIF R&D project. 

R3 IoT are thankful to the awarding body and to Northern Light Consultancy and CENSIS for their support on this project. A special thanks must go to the broad range of interviewed stakeholders whose engagement and willingness to share valuable insight is hugely appreciated.

STATUS: Completed

Project Lead

R3 IoT Ltd.