Unlocking the value of data in aquaculture (RD050)


The project aimed to connect the world's fish farms via satellites, to turn raw data into valuable and actionable information that farms worldwide can access. The data looked to enable farms to make effective decisions to improve stock survival rates, predictability, fish wellbeing, public perception and more.

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This research project focused on ‘HOW’ to unlock the potential of data in aquaculture. New digital and IoT technologies, such as sensors, enable organisations to collect large volumes of data, across multiple sites and locations. However, the challenge often lies in how to interpret and extract valuable business insights – if it can’t be measured, it can’t be managed, and it can’t help to inform preventative actions.

Working in collaboration with industry and a consortium of research partners, the project saw R3-IoT create the R3 Aquatics Platform, to securely store, process and export large quantities of raw data into valuable and actionable business insights.

Developed in parallel with R3-IoT’s satellite-enabled connectivity solution, data collection was automated from multiple IoT devices across different pens and sites – onshore or offshore – regardless of available infrastructure. The platform was trialled with a fish farm in Shetland to test its usability, durability and potential value based on industry need and usage.

The R3 Aquatics Platform provides intuitive dashboards, and charts tailored to organisations operating in the aquaculture industry. It has been designed to enable users to easily visualise data and trends across operations to improve stock survival rates, predictability, fish wellbeing, and public perception. Learning algorithms were established within the platform to provide forward looking intelligence, such as sensor maintenance alerts which help site crews schedule work optimally.

Central and remote teams can access, visualise, and interpret important business information, which can easily be shared across different sites and locations, helping avoid critical business information being siloed.

STATUS: Completed

Project Lead

R3 IoT Ltd.