Unlocking the value of data in aquaculture (RD050)


The project will connect the world's fish farms via satellites, which will turn raw data into valuable and actionable information that farms worldwide can access. The data will enable farms to make effective decisions to improve stock survival rates, predictability, fish wellbeing, public perception and more.

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This project was originally funded as a feasibility study (FS037) and has now been awarded funding to continue the project into the R&D phase

R3 IoT is currently on a mission to connect the world’s fish farms using satellites. The use of cutting-edge satellite technologies enables the secure transmission of continuous sensor data from farms located anywhere on Earth, back to private clouds where companies can access all the data collected from farms.

However, providing live data isn’t enough. This project will unlock the true potential of the connected fish farm by creating the tools necessary to turn large quantities of raw data into valuable and actionable information. R3 IoT will arm fish farms with the necessary tools to improve stock survival rates, predictability, fish wellbeing, and public perception by generating insights tailored for companies in the aquaculture sector. Through its product R3 IoT aims to facilitate business resilience to rapid changes happening throughout the industry, such as arrival of deep-water farms, centralisation of operations, and potential of self-regulation. Farms will no longer be remote, isolated operations left to the whims of unpredictable events – companies will have constant, continuous links into the critical parts of their business.

This platform will provide the means to securely store, view, compare, process, interpret and export valuable information created from data collected across all connected fish farms, no matter their location. By working closely with the industry, R3 IoT will ensure the platform is uniquely capable of solving the industry’s biggest problems through the innovative use of digitisation and technology.

STATUS: Ongoing

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