What does innovation mean for the UK Seafood Innovation Fund?

The UK Seafood Innovation Fund is looking to support the future of the UK Seafood Sector by funding ideas and technological solutions to drive innovation.

Innovation should drive change – but you don’t need to create ‘something from nothing’ to be innovative. Incremental, transformative and disruptive innovations can all bring positive change to the seafood industry if they present solutions to genuine challenges across the supply chain. 


The UK Seafood Innovation Fund supports the future of the UK seafood sector by funding ideas that drive innovation. Ideas should be innovated, long-term and supported by industry. Innovations can be incremental, transformative or disruptive. Disruptive innovation breaks the rules for how problems are solved by avoiding constraints and assumptions. Innovations should be validated through the inclusions of multiple views and should stakeholder and industry support. The fund hopes to lead a step change in the long-term productivity and sustainability of the UK seafood sector. If your innovation could transform the seafood sector, apply now!